10 powerful body language tips

Powerful-Body-language-tipsHave you thought about the body language you’ll be using during that upcoming presentation?

If you haven’t, you should! Body language plays a very important role in communication, in the way we’re perceived and in the way others understand our messages. This is because we’re always communicating; even if we aren’t saying anything, even if we aren’t vocalizing words or sounds, we’re communicating. The way we walk, the way we stand, the way we look, move our heads, wave . . . they all send innumerable messages. Because of this, when you’re up in front of an audience with a specific presentation goal to achieve, body language can become your best ally or your worst enemy, depending on how you use it.

So the next time you rehearse for a presentation speech, have in mind these 10 powerful body language tips :

1. Open your Chest and Arms

2. Smile – Its a powerful weapon.

3. Engage people, gesture with Arms and Hands.

4. Look like a confident person.

5. Walk and Talk (in IDEA style)

6. Vary your Gesture

7. Point directly on a certain element to engage with audience.

8. Use open gesture

9. Pause, breathe slowly while question / answer round.

10. Use positive gesture to make your audience buy your story.

To read more body language tips, click here.


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