10 Reasons why to use Twitter for Business

How to Use Twitter : DP2WebTwitter is a great way to market your local business on the internet. Twitter has become not only an effective communication platform for Business from all around the globe but also an affinity space where these people get to meet each other, talk and discuss current issues in different domains, advertise about company and most important of all share and learn from each other’s expertise.

Interesting facts about Twitter

  • Twitter is the second largest social media environment after Facebook.
  • 54% of active users use Twitter on their mobile phone, while 16% amongst use a mobile app
  • Twitter is the 13th most popular site in India, Australia, France, and South Africa based on a combination of average daily visitors and pageviews. 5.7% of the Twitter users come from India and they generate 5.2% of the pageviews on Twitter. You can check Twitter usage in Other countries by clicking here.

So what are 10 reasons to use Twitter? Click here to read more.

How to Use twitter for Business : DP2Web

How to Use Twitter for Business : DP2Web


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