The Battle of Facebook and Google+ [INFOGRAPHIC]


Facebook-vs-google+With over 350 million active users, Google+ surpassed Twitter and is coming in at second place behind Facebook. Who will come out on top? And most importantly, which network is the most beneficial to your brand?

Both networks excel when it comes to building communities and encouraging engagement, but in very different ways. Facebook is best for fostering personal relationships with friends and family. On the other hand, Google+ excels at fueling common interests and finding intellectual matches, (since its audience is very technically oriented). Google+ is all about connecting and networking with individuals you do not already know, while Facebook’s primary focus is re-connecting with the past.  If your goal is to deliver information, spark discovery, and foster conversation Google+ is your go-to network, (especially for B2B purposes).

Although, Facebook’s primary user base is there to interact with existing connections, we can’t deny the success the network has had with ads. Facebook Graph Search fuels referral converts through search queries like, “Brands my friends like.” Oppositely, if attempting to reach your target audience on Google+, quality content has proven to be most successful.

While, it’s interesting to see Facebook and Google+ battle it out, it’s even more interesting to see how different the networks are. Check out The Battle of Facebook and Google+ Infographic to find out which network claims 51 percent of worldwide Internet users and which network achieves the most referral converts.

Reference: Mashable, Marketing Land


How do You Use LinkedIn? [INFOGRAPHIC]

How-do-you-use-linkedIn-INFOGRAPHICSocial media sites provide a platform to network with peers and people of similar interests globally and LinkedIn does this for professionals and executives with leverage and efficiency that provides networking opportunities on steroids.

So what are four key ways to take advantage of the LinkedIn for business.

1. Commit once a week to use LinkedIn to connect with several current or former business associates this will put you top of mind for opportunities that may emerge out of these strengthened connections.

2. Over the next month make the effort to join ten groups on LinkedIn. This will raise your visibility and personal brand.

3. Once you have joined these groups start a discussion in each of these ten groups you have joined. As you are an expert in your field people will notice your thought leadership and will want to engage your services for their companies.

4. Go to LinkedIn’s Answers section and answer 5 questions a week. This is a long term strategy but will pay off over time.

The goals of these 4 steps is to create new connections, strengthen existing relationships and position you as a thought leader and an expert that will provide you with leads and business opportunities.

So How do other Executives use LinkedIn?


Source: Jeffbullas

Responsive Design: Getting It Right [INFOGRAPHIC]

With the increase in consumers using mobile devices to access the web, site designers are being forced to adapt by creating an ultimate experience across all platforms.


Infographic by Who Is Hosting This
Submitted by Frankie Rendon