Its time to MOBILIZE

Your subscribers have gone mobile, have you?
Not yet!!! Let the stats below convince you to change.

As web becomes increasingly ubiquitous, social and integral to daily life any time, anywhere, digital consumption is shifting from traditional PCs to mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. India is now the third biggest smartphone market in the world and the usage of smartphones is growing four times faster than the global average. Here is an overview of the number of mobile users vis-à-vis the highest consumer countries in 2012.Time to get mobile

81% of the Indian population now owns a mobile phone and among that crowd, 10% are Smartphone users – an exceptionally share that can’t be ignored by email marketers for long.

A study by Nielsen Insights claims that Indian Smartphone users are the least likely to be annoyed with mobile e-ads – a golden statement for Indian email marketers. Check out how mobile users in different countries respond to promotional emails.

As evident from the stats above, Indian Smartphone users are more open to receiving commercial advertisements compared to developed nations like UK and US. Similar trend is observed in neighboring country, China. This augurs well for email marketers who can exploit advanced technologies to communicate and analyze their messages to customers anytime across the globe. Migration to mobile devices leading to instant interaction with advertisements could have significant impact on brand awareness and conversion rate. Early movers with clearly outlined strategy will be in a better position to tap this growing base. Email marketers need to respond with segmentation of customers, mobile friendly content, and consumer behavior analysis to meet exact needs of these users. With surge in Smartphone users and increasing internet penetration this opportunity will only get bigger and will definitely have a direct impact on your ROI from web marketing initiatives.

The following questions should help you for a quick introspection?

1. Mobile opens are going up globally, but do I have the data segregating the user responses into Mobile (example- Blackberry), Web (example – Gmail) and Desktop (example- Outlook)?

2. Whether the Mobile readers are “click-shy” after having received non-mobile-optimized emails for so long from your side leading to drop in your overall click and conversion data?

3. Whether my designs are still focused only on desktop-friendly landing pages, long forms, tons of images etc… leading to an extremely poor mobile-email experience?

The stepping stone is to have the necessary data in place which could give you a segregated user response across multiple platforms and device types.


Responsive Design: Getting It Right [INFOGRAPHIC]

With the increase in consumers using mobile devices to access the web, site designers are being forced to adapt by creating an ultimate experience across all platforms.


Infographic by Who Is Hosting This
Submitted by Frankie Rendon